Q.  Is HomeSell Select really different from other real estate agencies...if so, how?

A.  All licensed brokers in NC are governed by the North Carolina Real Estate Commission, and brokers who choose to be REALTORS® are also bound to a strict code of ethics by the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR). Every brokerage is required to obey laws and adhere to industry regulations, but each is free to create the type of marketing plans, products, services, pricing, etc. they will offer to the public. Although marketing approaches may vary among individual agents, traditional franchise brokers have typically offered a single, company-wide commission rate to all clients. Agents affiliated with a franchise must agree to corporate guidelines. As an independent broker, I can offer a choice of innovative marketing plans that allows clients to select the level of marketing & pricing that best showcases their home and fits their personal situation. 

Q.  What areas of NC are serviced by HomeSell Select?

A.  My home & office are in Jamestown, and I am a member of the Triad MLS, so I consider my primary markets as Jamestown, Greensboro, High Point, Kernersville, Oak Ridge, Summerfield, Archdale, Trinity and the surrounding areas of Southwest & Northwest Guilford County. My NC broker’s license allows me to sell property anywhere in North Carolina. However, I would offer only buyer's agency or referral services, rather than property listings, in areas outside my primary markets.

Q.  I'm trying to decide between listing my home with a national franchise firm, or an independent, local company. Won’t I get more exposure or a quicker sale with the franchise?

A. The quality and effectiveness of your real estate services will be determined more by your individual agent than by their company affiliation. It’s that individual’s knowledge, efforts, personality, etc. that can make or break your home buying or selling experience. Real estate brokers are self-employed contractors who pay fees to affiliate with a specific company. A large franchise brokerage does national advertising for their brand, your broker markets your specific home. Most real estate today is marketed on the web, so when your home is listed with a Multiple Listing Service (MLS), it can be viewed from every member broker’s website, whether franchised or independent. The length of time your home lingers on the market is usually determined more by it's pricing, condition, or overall market factors than either the agent or their company. Allow your agent to help you price your home fairly and follow suggestions she/he offers to make your home more appealing to buyers.  Bottom line: select a broker with a solid marketing plan, and one you feel comfortable working with. They may be your new “BFF” for a period of time, so character & personality count! If you select someone you feel is capable, trustworthy, and a person you can easily communicate with, your home sale process will likely be a positive experience regardless of which company's logo is on your sign.

Q. With the internet, do I really need an agent to sell my home?

A. That depends on a lot of factors...your location. your home's condition, your circle of influence (how many potential buyers you are likely to connect with, either online or off).  There are many non-MLS websites that allow you to post a home for sale.  A good agent, however, can be of invaluable assistance - from offering an objective analysis of your home's condition and its market value when compared to other properties listed - to networking with other brokers who may have buyers, or handling complex contract negotiations & closing details. So weigh the costs of professional services vs. your own time & energy spent, and assess your own level of expertise & experience with the sales & closing process before deciding whether to list or go "FSBO". If you decide to go it alone, I will offer a shameless plug here for my a la carte services: adding professional photos, a virtual tour, staging, or social media to your online marketing efforts will give you an advantage over many other “for sale by owner” homes listed! There's absolutely no pressure to list your home with me in order to take advantage of these services. I offer them on a fee-basis to the general public...no listing agreement required.

Q.  What percentage of "for sale by owner" listings typically sell?

A.  According to surveys by the National Association of REALTORS®, approximately 16% of "FSBO" (for sale by owner) listings are actually sold by the owners. Some sellers begin as “FSBO”, then call a broker to take over. If you are persistent, and don’t mind the work & liability issues, don’t let the stats discourage you.

Q.   If I list my home as "for sale by owner", will it be seen on the MLS or REALTOR.com?

A.  The Triad MLS and REALTOR®.com are both membership organizations for real estate professionals, and each charges a significant fee for membership. REALTOR.com® receives data directly from MLS organizations who are members of the National Association of REALTORS® (also a trade organization for brokers). Unless you contract with a member firm, either by listing with the broker, or contracting for a service that allows you to list your home there, your home will not be on the MLS or REALTOR®.com. HomeSell Select offers this listing service as one of your marketing choices. My "Basic MLS” plan lists your home on the Triad MLS, as well as REALTOR®,com, and over 100 other online sites. In the Basic plan, you are no longer technically "for sale by owner", but you simply pay a one time fee to list, and only pay commission to the buyer’s agent when your home sells. See the “Sell Your Home” page on this site for further details, or contact me!

Q.  What’s the difference between an agent, a broker, and a REALTOR®?

A.  At one time, a real estate sales “agent” had a lesser degree of training/licensing than a “broker”. However, today all NC agents are required to be licensed as brokers, the only difference is that they must begin as “provisional brokers” supervised by a licensed broker. Sometimes “broker” is used to refer to the brokerage firm that contracts with the agent/broker, but in ordinary usage, agent & broker, when referring to individuals, are interchangeable.  REALTOR® is term trademarked by the National Association of REALTORS®. It’s used by agents/brokers who subscribe to a higher standard of ethics by taking an oath when they join the NAR.  An agent/broker can be licensed to sell real estate without becoming a member of the NAR, and as a non-member of that organization, would not be authorized to use the term REALTOR®. They would simply be a real estate agent or broker.

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